Keitai Phenomenon: A Conceptual Series

The "Keitai Phenomenon” Collection

Keitai literally means Mobile Phone in Japanese.

This Project is Meant to effect of Keitai/Mobile Phones on our relationships with other people. Often these things look like they help us stay in touch – but there a personal touch lost in the process?

Meeting up - A Keitai Tea Party
Video conferencing is rad – you guys won’t need to worry about people showing up late or not being able to make it, because it’s practically guarenteed they’ll be able to attend from anywhere around the globe. It’s almost good enough to replace face-to-face meetings right?

Getting to Know Others: Facebook is Knowledge
You want to ‘catch up’ your friend. Before you facebook and mobile phones you would probably met up or ask him out. With FACEBOOK, there’s no more need! Just check out his facebook page! Why bother with arranging and fulfilling meet-ups any more right?

Sharing Experience: So Real it's almost Edible?
We love to share our experiences. Like the good food we find. We used to share such ‘finds’ (at least for me) by buying some of it to share. With cameras in mobile phones, you can just snap a shot and send it digitally. It’s way faster and almost as good – why bother buying and sharing anymore right?
Except that you can’t exactly eat a photo can you?

Family Relationships - Wired Up Family
It’s said that technology helps draw the the family closer by helping them stay in touch…


Photomontage Inspiration : Christophe Gilbert

When you look at something simply this good, you can’t help but feel inspired and demoralised at the same time.

Such are my thoughts when I view the photography and photoshop work of someone like Christophe Gilbert. It’s not just about technique. It’s also about vision and inspiration.

Zhiwei & Rachel’s Wedding

It’s a privilege to shoot for friends! As I’ve said before I’m very honoured to help out in Zhiwei & Rachel’s special day.

It was also quite an eye opening experience. No doubt I learnt a lot from the experience of constantly being aware of the little interactions that were taking place. A shared laugh, a little peck on the cheek, a lasting glance… these are the little expressions a for a moment but speak volumes about the feelings and emotions behind the hustle of the day’s activities.

So a warm thank-you to the wonderful couple for letting me be part of your special day. Wedding’s just a day, but marriage is a lifetime. May your marriage reflect the lasting covenant God has with his people, loving each other like how Christ loves the Church.  🙂

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

Zhiwei & Rachel's Wedding

See more on my flickr here.

Coming Soon: Zhiwei & Rachel

It’s wonderful to shoot a wedding for friends! Because you know them, there’s a sense that you’re really, intimately, sharing in their joy. You’re not just doing your job, you’re really sharing in the moments of their special day.

This one is gonna take a little longer than my usual 1-2 days turn over, what with 1000+ photos from the whole day and my already packed work schedule. Here’s a little teaser I’ve picked up so far.

Class Exercise 1 & 2

Class Exercise 1 : Panning

I suck at panning. It’s one of those things that’s semi-counter intuitive to me. I trust my camera most when it’s on a tripod – not when it’s held by my hands desperately trying to catch a moving subject.

I decided Black & White is more apt – too many colours otherwise in the frame.

Class Exercise 2 : Extraordinary in the Ordinary

One of the amazing things we often neglect is the small things – That’s what I find unique about macro photography. It gives you a perspective of the things around us that we often neglect.

Take this group meeting of the ants for example – isn’t it interesting they can plan practically anything just by waving their feelers?

Freeze Action: Mutual Attraction

Mutual Attraction

The objective was to freeze action – Instead of using a incredibly high shutter speed however, I freeze the water with flashes.

The title is a play on words. A kiss is a sign of attraction, as is the way the droplets seem to fly out of the surface towards it.

Strobist info:
580EX on wall 1/128 (Blue Gel)
Di866 on reflector 1/32 (Red Gel)
YN480 in Softbox 1/32 (1/4 CTO Gel)