Photomontage Inspiration : Christophe Gilbert

When you look at something simply this good, you can’t help but feel inspired and demoralised at the same time.

Such are my thoughts when I view the photography and photoshop work of someone like Christophe Gilbert. It’s not just about technique. It’s also about vision and inspiration.


class exercise 2 and some amazing photomanipulation.

Today’s lecture was quite informative. The lesson on balance is particularly interesting. I wished i learned that earlier! I look back an many of my previous designs with contempt now.

Finally another in class exercise?

Using just lines, dots and shapes, construct  abstract/semi-abstract images of two words selected from a list of words.

Grace and me chose ‘maneuver’ and ‘silence’. I picked maneuver and she picked silence, but overall i quite like how they turned out, in particular preferring silence.

The titles are just there for reference, and aren’t part of the picture.(Although they look nice this way as well :D)
Click to embiggen.

maneuver silence

^ Baskerville is a pretty font. I wonder why i never noticed it. Must be the obsession with Helvetica Neue Ultralight.

Also here’s an absolutely amazing tutorial i stumbled upon. Believe it or not, it actually uses very common place photos to make it. Look at the picture, and if you are as impressed at it as i was, click on it to go to the tutorial 🙂


the power of a good concept

A winning piece of work need not necessarily be a complicated photoshop piece. Often, a well thought out concept with simple, yet perfect execution is sufficient.

The following is a winning entry for a Cestock Photoshop contest. The rules was to take a supplied stock photo of a camera and use it.


It suggest the passage of time, and that the camera durably persists in spite of it. What hit me awhile later is the scale of the camera to the sand dunes. Subtlely yet intentionally, this enables the scene to leave an ‘awesome’ impression.

This is the sort of advertising that connects with viewers on the explicit and implicit levels. Truly amazing visual communication.

horizons to aspire towards…

…or to tremble and despair at our apparently lack of ability.

I’ve been reading quite some Advanced Photoshop magazine stuff of late. They’ve just completed a round up of some of the most amazing works done in photoshop in 2008. They are quite simply nothing short of amazing. I’ve posted some samples of just how amazing these people artists really are. Some of it is hand-painted into photoshop, others are really amazing renditions of photo-montages. Astounding!

Part of me feels pretty inspired by their work and vision, another part of me is completely demoralised by just how far the journey there is!

Must keep telling myself to take things one small little step (or brush stroke or mouse click) at a time. 🙂

Lé Advanced Photoshop MasterClass Gallery


I really like this one. Photo montage meets art, and the colour choices are brilliant.


This one was painted in to photoshop, lights and textures added after. Shows that photoshop is not just for photographers.


A pure photomontage done in a very stylistic way. Desaturation and variation used to fade the background jazz and highlight the cab that’s being promoted.


I love the idea behind this one. Each ‘landmark’ is coloured by a single shade. Together they paint a vibrant tapestry, celebrating the colourfulness of cultural diversity.

Finally here’s “one for the road”(i’ll like to see who gets this reference”). Scott Kelby’s Blog. Scott Kelby is an amazing photographer and photoshop professional. Kind of a legend in the industry by the way. In his blog he usually posts alot of neat photoshop tricks. He’s currently running a feature on Photoshop CS4’s new tools and they look pretty useful, especially Content Aware Scaling.

Note to self: Must do and post portfolio for prospective clients.