Freeze Action: Mutual Attraction

Mutual Attraction

The objective was to freeze action – Instead of using a incredibly high shutter speed however, I freeze the water with flashes.

The title is a play on words. A kiss is a sign of attraction, as is the way the droplets seem to fly out of the surface towards it.

Strobist info:
580EX on wall 1/128 (Blue Gel)
Di866 on reflector 1/32 (Red Gel)
YN480 in Softbox 1/32 (1/4 CTO Gel)


Deep Depth of Field: Stairway to Adventure

Stairway to Adventure

A1: Deep Depth of Field

This was to show the use of a deep depth of field. This stairway seemed to perfect subject to get it all in focus.

I was very taken with the wooden construction of the stairway. Under the evening sun it gave me an almost ‘Egyptian’ vibe.

Strobist info:
580EX in softbox 1/8 +0.3EV

Stairway to Adventure (Alternative)

Shallow Depth of Field: Just a Little Closer

Just a little Closer...

Its not easy to get a shallow depth of field with a wide Field of View(using wide angle lenses). This was done with 23 shots from an 85mm lens, stitched together in post production.

This method is affectionally known as the Brenizer method. Ryan Brenizer is one of my favourite photographers. 🙂

Just a little Closer... (Alternative)
Although I like the pose here better than the previous one, I think that one satisfied the ‘Shallow Depth of field’ criteria of the project more.

Motion Blur: Conductor of Light

Conductor of Light
I’m usually not a fan of those blurry motion shots. I like my subject clean and defined. For this I wanted to blurred the lights of oncoming cars, yet juxatapose a subject that is clearly defined.

Again ‘Conductor’ is a pun. Either he conducts light like how metal conducts electricity, or he conducts the traffic of light, like a traffic conductor.

Strobist info:
580EX in softbox 1/16
Handheld flashes 1/128