Teaching Photoshop…

… also known as “class exercise 4”.

No images here. Rather than doing an exercise, I ended up teaching the class on Photoshop. So consider my class exercise a reflection of the experience then 😛

I’ve taught Photoshop classes before, although this time was different for quite a number of reasons.

Being last minute for me wasn’t tough, because I had all the files I needed only. The harder thing (i suspect) was for my classmates – who probably weren’t expecting their peer to be conducting the workshop.

It’s also a much less responsive bunch than I’m used too. Usually in paid workshops, the participants are way more enthusiastic (because they foot the proverbial bill), so having a class that doesn’t respond catches me off tempo. (Kevin McGee ever said this to me, “welcome to my world.”)

Otherwise, I kind of expected to be teaching people who knew photoshop, since NM2208 Visual Communications was a pre-requisite, so I was mildly caught off-guard at general unfamiliarity the class had with photoshop.

Me: “So you just need to fill this area with the foreground color.”

Classmate: “Sorry, what is fill? What is foreground color? Can you go slower.”

Me:”… Oh… erm, fill is that paint bucket icon on the left sidebar.” *gestures with pointer* “And foreground colour is….”

You get the drift.

Still, I like to teach classes, especially responsive ones, then it’ll be a blast. Usually I’ll even throw in mini speed-contests, to see how the participants quickly apply what they’ve learnt. But that’s with a 2 hour timeslot, and with about half as much content than I had to cover last tuesday. :/


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