Website updates & Flash Composite How-to

Whoopiee! Small thing, but I actually made the Page header picture swap with every fresh visit, or page change in the site. Looks more professional? 🙂

Also did this quick and dirty flash composite yesterday.

It’s pretty easy – provided you’re already comfortable with manual mode & off camera lighting
1.) Set up the shot on Tripod, and expose the scene as you see fit (a la the usual strobist 1-2 stops below camera’s metering)
Tip: Prefocus the shot and lock it using MF. Remember to set a manual WB setting too!

2.) Position the subjects (and tell them, as much as possible, keep still!)

3.) Literally walk into the frame and light the subjects one-by-one (you can light a few people if they’re closely packed too!), each time taking a shot.
Tip: Using a wireless remote saves you running between camera and subject!

4.) Merge the different shots in Photoshop.

There! Nothing to it! 😉


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