Impressions of Light – Film Noir

Second of a 3 Part exploration of using light. I will need to pick one image from each set to submit.

Part 2 – Noire (playing with Shadow and Colours.)

The objective was to recreate the usually B&W Film Noir genre but in COLOR. This involves colouring the different areas of the scene, and playing with casting shadows. My chief inspiration was Rockstar’s game L.A Noire. – particularly the hues from the cover art.

It was actually rather mind-boggling to think of it – 3 light set ups, gels, and two models. Quite tricky for me! But thankfully, with the help of my wonderfully able friends/assistants, I pulled it off!

I’m still not 100% satisfied with the alley shots. The angle could be a tad higher, the lighting a tad more dramatic. But as they say, you live and learn. An experience like this now, makes me a better photographer in future.
Detective Ngien & the Case of the Short-Pants Snatch Thief (Take 2)

Walking Dangerously for Safe Streets

And since the costume was just way too nice, I figured a few shameless self-portraits were in order.
Shameless Noir Self-Portrait
View the full album here.


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