Impressions of Light (Part 1) – Storytelling & Fairytales

So need to do 3 sets of photos showing creative uses of light. This is the first of three!

See how others have used bokeh creatively, like this one, I wanted to use it to tell some kind of story. It’s no coincidence then that I used a magical, fantastical theme for this shoot. After all, Bokeh always had a magical quality to it.

( FYI- the Bokeh is genuine, not PS-ed. )

Eenette: Thanks for being the beautiful model!! 🙂 And for being so patient and having saved the day by bringing the christmas lights that no one else could find!

Sara & Jeremy: My uber helpful lighting assistants!! Thanks for helping setup the messy lights and being my “lightstands”& “human ETTL”. Sorry for the mess we created Sara, and hope your arm didn’t cramp jeremy!

Fairytales are Magical.

See the other two photos in the set here.




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