cliché (2208 assignment 04)

UPDATED – 2nd prototype updated based on feedback.

Don’t like the theme, Save, Prevent, Kill. But that’s just too long a story than I can type now.

I’ve come up with three distinctive concepts. All three are fairly cliché.

Stop File Sharing, Save the earth(the beauty appeal), No child soldiers.


I’ve decided to do the bottle concept of save the earth. I feel it’s a somewhat interesting take on the cliché subject so it would be worth a shot.

This is my initial approach to the final prototype.

The bottle is the focus, but the swirls are meant to direct the attention of the eye from element to element.


However, initial feedback revealed that the meaning may not come across so clearly here. So this here is my 2nd take after Xiang wei suggested my bottle drawn looks like a perfume bottle.


Let me know if this one works better. Also i’ve received quite some questions how to do the swirls. I’ll teach if anyone wants.


2 thoughts on “cliché (2208 assignment 04)

  1. I like the ‘essence of nature’ but it took me a while to geddit – like it really really seems like a perfume ad. but its REALLY fantastically nice!

    • Thank you! Yup the feedback does seem to say the 2nd one is better. Will work the text some more to make it even clearer.

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