telling a love story with only pictures (nm2208 a3)

UPDATED March 07: Replaced Calender and Final Scene with new versions based on feedback from tutorial.

How hard is that! I’ve incredibly mixed feelings about this assignment. On one hand i like how some of the pictures turned out, yet on the other hand the project was wholly unsatisfying.

Also interesting that most stories in tutorial are either about love, suicide or stalking. LOL

The title however is “Remember” and yes its a love story. 🙂

Leave your comments here after you’ve seen it and let me know how can i improve!

sleeping calender1 shock mirror

shopping giving rose finalscene3


3 thoughts on “telling a love story with only pictures (nm2208 a3)

  1. Shane I can’t do the so called imposing you taught today..that thing about combining 2 person into the same photo!heeelp!


    • Hmm. Add me to Msn?

      1. Using the Pen tool trace the outline of your friend
      2. That will create a ‘work path’ in the paths palette(near the layers palette)
      3. You can choose to save it by double-clicking. Otherwise just right-click = > Make Selection
      4. Edit => Copy Merged

      Hope it helps. I’ll be at home working til 10 tmr where i’ll leave for sch.

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