class exercise 2 and some amazing photomanipulation.

Today’s lecture was quite informative. The lesson on balance is particularly interesting. I wished i learned that earlier! I look back an many of my previous designs with contempt now.

Finally another in class exercise?

Using just lines, dots and shapes, construct  abstract/semi-abstract images of two words selected from a list of words.

Grace and me chose ‘maneuver’ and ‘silence’. I picked maneuver and she picked silence, but overall i quite like how they turned out, in particular preferring silence.

The titles are just there for reference, and aren’t part of the picture.(Although they look nice this way as well :D)
Click to embiggen.

maneuver silence

^ Baskerville is a pretty font. I wonder why i never noticed it. Must be the obsession with Helvetica Neue Ultralight.

Also here’s an absolutely amazing tutorial i stumbled upon. Believe it or not, it actually uses very common place photos to make it. Look at the picture, and if you are as impressed at it as i was, click on it to go to the tutorial 🙂



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