tracing the keys of my keyboard. (Assignment 2)

Here’s the final prototype after feedback from the class and Alfred that the battery is redundant, too reminiscent of iPod etc.



Yay! I’m done with Assignment 2!

Didn’t expect it to take so long! But well, when you have to trace all 73 keys of your keyboard it can’t really be snappy right?

The Assignment was to create a Pictogram for the NUS community. A Pictogram is a heavily reduced image of objects to its essential elements, in order to convey a message. Some examples of pictograms are Road Signs. We must compile 6 stages of reduction for our pictogram.

I’ll only post thumbnails to save space. You’ll have to click for enlargement ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the starting Pic (Stage 1).


And here’s the rest of the stages. (Stage 2 – 6)


I initially selected Stage 5 and proceeded to develop it, but now looking back i think its rather cheapo. Ah well. For some reason Stage 6 is starting to appeal to me because of its minimalism and blocky, ambigious style.

Any way here is the development for Stage 5. I’ve decided to make the case a solid colour minimise the lines and complexity. One down side is it makes the whole pictogram even moreย  ‘cheapo’. ack.


And on a whim, i decided to add colour to spruce it up. (Since we’re allowed to use ONE and only ONE colour other than Black & White)


As always leave comments, as feedback for improvement is always thoroughly appreciated.



6 thoughts on “tracing the keys of my keyboard. (Assignment 2)

  1. I think your abstraction clearly represents laptop charging. I felt that your battery in the last abstraction is simpler than the battery you have in your final prototype. The use of colour is really nice, but the solid colour is good enough. Just my thoughts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hurr adding the charger symbol onto the screen makes me think “Ipod fully charged” Since its a bit similar to the symbol that appears on my ipot’s screen when it’s done eating. I dunno about this, maybe it’s just me.

    Also for the final abstraction I think you had the same problem as me. Maybe you can curve the edges as compared to 90 degree edges, since it seems a little disjointed from the rest of the abstraction process.


  3. How about using grey fill on the battery to show that it is charging? Other than that, i think it looks good (like an ipod ad haha)

    Choong yee

  4. Hi Shane,

    I think your design is really good and simplified. I prefer the black and white pictogram over the coloured ones though. Can’t really think of what to change cuz I find it really quite self explanatory.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks for your feedback everyone! Yes, i think i’ll go with the solid black colour. And You’re right about the battery, its too complicated/abstract now, and invites associations with iPod, which is a cultural aspect i didn’t consider despite owning an iPod as well. =x Shall work on it and post again. Good luck for your assignments as well!


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