self? who’s that? (nm2208 tutorial 1)

Aye. There are always very creative people out there. i don’t think i’m one of them. i have always know my ‘creativity’ is kind of like how Napolean fights his battles. He “draws on strategies read, like arrows from a quiver”. I’m quite like that, as seldom do i come out with completely new ideas, but rather i combine ideas/visuals/concepts i’ve seen. When i do come out with new ideas, they usually aren’t the über outstanding sort.

Our first assignment! To design your name in a fashion which communicates SELF. Big question to ask hur. Who is yourself? Hmm.. We would have to do sketches and roughs and present them before the class during tutorial for ‘critique’.

The first tutorial was marked by talented artists and great ideas. One of them was of a drama mask which used shadows to trace out the artist’s name. It’s kinda hard to describe but pretty neat! Another interesting application was by another gal who used books to form her name, like the spine of the book and the top edges would, from one perspective form ‘Y’. These are some creative people!

Anyway, as much as i loath too, i think i have (not for any egotistical reasons, but for course reqs) to post my sketches. Urgh.

You have been warned that i’m not much of a pen paper artist. I will attempt to keep comments brief to save your eyes.


These are 4 process sketches, or as i prefer to call them, CONCEPTs, that i used.

Clockwise from the top:
1. Headphones – Loves Listening to Music
2. Everything music
3. Loves to dream and loves fantasy (“building castles in the sky”)
4. Loves Strawberries

It was a tough fight between number 2 and 3. I picked number 3 in the end because i felt it had more creative potential to expand, while number 2 was too straight forward. A mistake of sorts in hindsight.

Here are the two roughs that came out.


Left: Done first, and is quite a literal take on the phrase ‘building castles in the sky
I thought it was nice at first. Then i thought the text seemed just so ‘tacked on’.

Right: Then i thought, why not lets make my name the castle. In hindsight, it did seem like such a good idea at first.

Tutor (pointing to the second one): Much better!

The class was rather silent, probably due the tutorial running a little late. But i did receive words of encouragement from some after class, many of them who can draw so much better. So yep, nice of them, thanks!

Tune in to the next post to see the fiasco that resulted from me ‘building castles in the sky‘.


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