building castles in the sky (Assignment 1)

It is sooo apt that the phrase that gave me this concept is ‘building castles in the sky

Can’t tell you how relieved I am to finish this piece of work. It’s quite literally one of the most time consuming pieces i have ever did. I think it clocked at least 15hours and more revisions than i can imagine.

If anything, i’ve taken one thing from this experience. I tend to come out with fantastically complicated and ambitious ideas. Combined with high expectations and near perfectionist tendencies on my part when it comes to photoshop, i end up frequently feeling like i’ve over-estimated my own capabilities.

Anyway. ’nuff talk. Here is my ‘headache’.


(Click to embiggen)

Of the piece, i’m actually quite proud of two things. No it’s not the castle. I loath that thing.
I like my Flying Ship and my Dirt Road. Yes. I drew and illustrated and cobbled every bit of them. Even that grass tuff in the middle of the road? Yes that was intentional.

I did spend alot of time on the castle as well, but i loath it, because try as i might, i realise that letters ‘S’, ‘N’ and ‘E’ aren’t very friendly letters to incorporate into a castle. I was just so tempted to be content with THIS. Might you, it already had 10+ hours of work. But i really slogged the last 5+ hours, trying my darnest to make that 5 letters look remotely like a castle. Argh. Which is why i half regret not doing concept number 2(see prev post).

Needless, to say, i’m not entirely satisfied by it, but yes i have to move on with the rest of life (like nm2220 assignments).

Note to SELF(lol, pun!) – Keep Ideas Simple Stupid Shane.

Will edit after the class comments on it.


6 thoughts on “building castles in the sky (Assignment 1)

  1. I thought your castle was really well represented as a digital image. The details made everything look very realistic. I especially like the grass patch, as well as the road.

  2. Yooohooo~Your work is marvellous!Dont worry, your name is very obvious.(: And I like the gradient of the sky. Btw, how do you create your own gradient other than those default ones that are already available in photoshop

  3. An awesome piece of work and your really nice about it so +1

    I can’t find anything wrong with it, but you know those vines at the top? I can’t seem to like them much. But a pretty awesome piece

  4. Haha, thank you everyone!

    Oh peiwen, for the sky gradient, i actually used a water colour texture and send its blending mode in photoshop to Hard Light, as i was mentioning in class when talking about the rust. So yup, layer modes are really amazing things when you explore them.

    I’ll be happy to help anyone with Photoshop, and to a lessen extend(cuz i’m not to good with it) Illustrator.


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