bitmap and vectors and logos… (nm2208 lecture 3)

(apologies. i forgot to publish this post yesterday)

i have to admit i knew most of the stuff in today’s lecture, like the pro’s and con’s of bitmaps, vectors and the different file formats. Still i can see why there’s a need to cover this, especially as there seem to be many people who can draw very well but have not the experience with the software. Anyway, it wasn’t at waste as the lecturer dropped a few nuggets of information that was good to know. Like Additive(RGB) and Subtractive(CMYK). I’ve always known them, but just never related them in this way.

I also never knew Pixel means = Picture Element! =O

Not much in the way of new art work as i’ve been busy doing the final prototype for assignment one.

But but if you’ve notice, there’s a new logo! I really like this one. But as usual there’s no telling how long that sentiment will last. Let me know if you like it!!

Again, here are two variants. Orange to match the blog theme and the mandatory green.:) My nm2208 file is green, my tie is green, i’m just waiting for a green iPhone case and green Macbook case!! 🙂

2nd Gen irhap logo

2nd Gen iRhap logo green


5 thoughts on “bitmap and vectors and logos… (nm2208 lecture 3)

  1. the power of google has led me to this blog. And it’s pretty good stuff!

    I found the lecture pretty useful as well, like how i never knew about the CMYK thing or the saving for web and devices thing. Anyway, nice stuff you have up here. Looking forward to more.

    • Hey thanks for dropping by, you can leave your blog here and we can exchange tips.

      I’m in the friday class under Alfred, yup. See ya around school.


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