reflecting on this week’s nm2208 lecture

the thing that struck me the most about this week’s lecture for 2208 on the design process was the use of thumbnail sketches. As a person who frequently tries ideas in Photoshop directly, the idea of doing brainstorming and roughs on a piece of paper is decidingly foreign. Its very likely because i have little experience actually drawing anything, and have never really scored well for any art & craft class. So this Thumbnail thing is starting to sound like a hard pill to swallow.

I remind myself of how i promised to keep an open mind, especially with regards to this module, which can be soo subjective. At the end of the day if it improves my work, then i would be a fool to not learn it. Who knows, if i like it, it might even finally convince me to buy the Wacom Tablet i’ve been eyeing but never really managed to save for.

Side issues. I’ve gotten a job for two prints to be done, a quarterly magazine, with cover and layout, and a cover for a yearbook. I truly thank God for these, not for the $, but because these are more real world opportunities to build a portfolio. At the same time, i hope i’m not overloading myself. Still have to remember I also have a wedding to cover in June, and the shots will be in as early as march!!!

Lastly, i’ve been in a vintage/retro/grunge mood of late, and here are two pieces of work that are done, largely for fun. After much consideration, i think i like the plain one better. Haa. As always i’ll appreciate comments to improve! πŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “reflecting on this week’s nm2208 lecture

  1. whoa, really love the vintage style of the top name card!! Okay now just some ahh.. constructive critique, hahars. For the top card, i think it’s just too busy, that’s prolly why you prefer the other one.. Too many different fonts and styles squeezed in there :/ Ehh whereas i think the 2nd one’s style is just nice (justt plain). Maybe huh, as a final product (if ur interested haha), you cud simply tweak the 2nd design: colour in the stripes as in the top card, age the card for the sweet vintage feel, and voila! haha. Btw, awesome work, bro! rock on.

    • Thanks! The first one was really an experiment i had going. Yep i agree with it being busy. There are pro-artist who can make very busy pieces but yet look very cohesive, so that’s one area i’m looking to improve.

      Hey, there are stripes in the 2nd one as well! πŸ™‚ just that they’re quite faint.

      OK i must really break out of the vintage mod. Its bad for my homework 😑

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