first steps in principles of visual communication

aka NM2208

Interesting first class today. I must say the lecturers seem quite experienced and i have high hopes for this module. Not just in grades but really to take away something from it that would further my passion in design and photoshop art.

For a first class activity, i was to sketch “a machine that would improve your creativity 100x”. My results are as shown:the iPen draft 1

Not to impressive i admit, especially considering Grace’s work! (She was sitting next to me) She is a talented sketch artist. Thankfully she’s likely to be in my project group. 🙂 Anyway i’ve always admitted i can’t draw for peanuts. Hence why i’ve never gotten a Wacom tablet to further my Photoshop workflow. But who knows, this module might change things.

Had a very interesting conversation with Dr Julian Lin(lecturer for the mod) on my iPen. I think i vaguely get his feedback but not sure what to make of it just yet.

The following conversation is summarised for brevity.

Me: “The pencil is the basic tool of an artist, and ideas and the building blocks of inspiration and creativity. So the iPen absorbs and collects all sorts of ideas. When you use it, it lets the ideas enhance, develop and transform your work!”

Dr Julian: “Oh, so if you draw a monkey what happens? Are you controlling the pen or is the pen controlling you? If you are controlling it, why do you need it and not any other ordinary pen?”

Me: “…”

Taking this in constructive light, i would say i would really have to work to have images express my ideas and concepts. Visual communication indeed!


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